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What's Your Money Style?

Research shows these very same obstacles are perceived in size and difficulty differently from person to person. In fact, one person’s obstacle might be another person’s motivator.  Everyone has their own Money Style, which is demonstrated in building their businesses and handling the hurdles along the way. So YOUR Large might be some other business woman’s little gnat that she brushes away.

What’s your Money Style?

There are 8 different Money Styles when it comes to money.  Each one has its great elements that can be harnessed for success.

It’s important to know and clarify your specific relationship to money so that we can leverage your strengths and get you on the best track to financial and personal success.  And you may be surprised and delighted to learn about how your Money Style is the best way to get to goal.

Take the Next Step to Your Abundant Life.


This assessment will take you less than 10 minutes (average is about 8 minutes). You will be rating each statement (strong disagreement  - to - strong agreement).

Please chose the "truest" rating for yourself.  In other words, Be Fiercely Honest. 

Don't answer a statement that you "think" should be the right answer.

If there is a question that used to be true but is no longer true, go ahead and give it a higher score because we are looking at the overall picture of your life, and not just the most recent time frame.


And, finally don't over think your answers.  Your first response is the best answer.

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